What Makes Us Different? 

Our passionate and uncompromising pursuit of excellence drives everything we do. Our entire ethos revolves around quality and customer service. We like to ensure this in every facet of our business.

How do we do this?

We achieve this by sourcing the highest quality diamonds and gemstones from ethical producers. We delight in creating magnificently designed pieces that are both lasting and beautiful. A fierce pride in precision manufacturing and engineering ensures the highest finish, inside and out. Wherever possible we take care to design matching jewellery items. Matching in both style and functionality – a perfect fit.



Learn more about our amazing collection of diamond rings.

Adelaide diamond experts Gerard McCabe Jewellers specialise in engagement rings. Diamond rings, cluster engagement ring or classic engagement rings - we have them all.

Our in inhouse design team also delight in creating watch jewellery and dress ring designs. Come in and see us instore.