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Getting married is one of life’s greatest moments. It’s a time that is full of love, laughter and joy - it’s the start of your happily ever after. A momentous occasion like this doesn’t come around every day, and as such, your wedding deserves nothing short of perfection.

To help you and your bridal party walk down the aisle in style, we have a number of speciality bridal services that you can enjoy.


Regardless of whether you are the bride, groom, bridal party or family; a wedding is a brilliant opportunity to give your jewellery a spruce up. Book an individual or group jewellery cleaning service with Gerard McCabe and task your Maid-of-honour or Mum with dropping off the jewellery for us to expertly handle. Depending on the number of items, you can have all your pieces sparkling and clean as a same day service, or within a couple of days. We offer ultrasonic cleaning in store, or deep cleaning, polishing and rhodium plating in our workshop.

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Is your bridal outfit featuring something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue? If so, your something old or borrowed might need a loving touch up so that it looks its best. Quite often, one or more of these traditional accompaniments are beautiful jewellery heirlooms set aside just for such an occasion. We offer full restoration services for priceless family treasures, breathing new life into your fine jewellery. Why not restore your precious heirloom to its former glory in time for your special day?

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Your love, it’s one in a million, if not truly unique! Perhaps you want to commemorate your marriage with a set of wedding rings that is as one-of-a-kind as your love, or design a special jewellery piece to gift to your intended. Gerard McCabe offers a Jewellery Bespoke Design Service available in both our Rundle Mall and Adelaide Arcade stores. Meet with our Designer to discuss your ideas… the possibilities are endless.



Your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen play an essential role in the magic of your wedding day. From organising the wedding shower to helping you step into your dress, the memories you create with them will not soon be forgotten. So, why not treat them and let them know how much it means for them to be a part of your big day? We have an exquisite range of bridal party gifts, and can help you to put together a unique set to thank those closest to you for their support.


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There’s so much more to a wedding than the dress, shoes, cake and flowers (and your stunning groom, of course). Your jewellery selections are the finishing touches to your bridal attire and can also help you to celebrate such a joyous event, serving to be an everlasting reminder of your happy day. That’s why at Gerard McCabe, we strive to help our Brides and Groom’s ensure that their jewellery is in perfect condition so that it shines as brightly as your smile as you say " I do". Discover more Wedding inspiration in our blog.


Diamond Jewellery Specialists

You deserve an exceptional piece of jewellery and an unforgettable experience. Discover the Gerard McCabe passion for excellence, quality and customer service. Our unique designs are both beautiful and manufactured to last.
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No two diamonds alike. Echunga is an exclusive collection of jewellery inspired by the mystery and folklore of the rare Echunga diamonds.


Colour Your World with a collection inspired by rainbows, wild flowers and exotic butterflies.

Linea Rings

Gerard McCabe Linea Rings are made to be together, just like you. Every engagement ring design is created with matching wedding ring and anniversary ring options that fit perfectly.