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Wedding Ring Collection Metals

A variety of metal options to suit your style.

Gerard McCabe offer an extensive selection of stylish and modern men’s wedding bands. We offer a variety of metal options including: gold, platinum, palladium and tantalum to customise your ring to your unique style. Discover more about our exciting range of metals below. Visit us to view the full wedding ring collection in one of our Adelaide jewellery stores.


The most popular metal of all time, Gold epitomises the timeless and classic look of luxury that has made it the traditional choice for a wedding ring and high-end jewellery.

We offer three colour options in gold: Rose, White and Yellow gold. Some designs are available in multi-tones of gold.

We offer three carat options: 9ct, 14ct, and 18ct.


Naturally white, Platinum is purer than all other metals and is dense in weight, retaining the feeling of substance and superiority. As its white hue is a permanent white, it requires very little maintenance and the colour will never change.

Platinum is the hardest precious metal and is sturdy and scratch resistant, hypoallergenic, and more durable than any other metal.

We offer two platinum options: Platinum 950 (95% platinum) and Platinum 600 (this can be a more affordable option containing 60% platinum and 40% alloy)


This rare, lustrous metal throws subtle blue-grey tones. Teamed with a hard exterior, tantalum is a perfect choice for those looking for a bespoke ring that stands up to tough conditions and a low maintenance lifestyle.

Tantalum is a dense, rare element prized for its hypoallergenic properties. With strength and durability, tantalum will not corrode or react from exposure to chemicals, making it ideal for everyday wear.

Gerard McCabe uses ethically sourced tantalum. It is the world’s darkest naturally occurring grey-black metal.


Palladium is a lighter metal in comparison to Platinum yet just as precious in its characteristics. Palladium offers similar tones with the natural white colour; it is hypoallergenic, resistant to tarnish, and is gaining immense popularity over the more expensive metals. Palladium has a naturally lightweight feel.

We can customise our wedding rings with two palladium options: Palladium 950 (95% palladium) and Palladium 500 (50% palladium, 50% alloys).



Titanium has fast become the choice for those looking for a metal that is tough and resilient yet very affordable. A darker silver-grey metal Titanium is unyielding and durable without the added weight.

Titanium is also hypoallergenic making it an excellent metal choice for those with sensitive skin. Titanium is lightweight and very resistant to damage, as it does not bend. You cannot resize Titanium due to its sheer strength.


Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a quality metal with a premium finish. It has the qualities and appearance of other precious metals including malleability, reflectivity and lustre, making it a great alternative metal choice at an affordable price tag.

Silver jewellery requires regular cleaning to keep its lustrous appearance.