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At Gerard McCabe, we have a strong heritage in buying and selling Antique and secondhand jewellery. We are always on the lookout for Antique and Vintage jewellery that is in top condition. We are also interested in buying pink diamonds. In particular, Argyle certified pink diamonds.

We offer both cash payment for a purchase (into your nominated bank account) or store credit to use towards any purchase/repair.

We have a range of flexible consultation options such as the ability to give you a private appointment in our store or office, video consultations, or we may be able to come to you. Give us a call to find out more.

Some examples of what we buy are:

  • Antique or Vintage jewellery pieces which are in very good or excellent condition. To understand the quality of the jewellery that we tend to purchase browse our current Antique jewellery collection.
  • Argyle Pink Diamonds. Including both jewellery and investment diamonds.

If you have a jewellery item to sell that fits the above criteria, please get in touch using the online form below. Submit a photograph of the item or items that you would like to sell and we will respond within 1-2 business days to advise if we are interested in purchasing your item. 

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We understand that the selection of a ring, watch or piece of jewellery is more than a simple purchase.

Our jewellery boutiques are designed with sit-down areas where you are encouraged to relax, enjoy a beverage, and real ‘one on one’ service. A Gerard McCabe Sales Professional will take the time to understand all of your requirements and ensure every one of your questions is answered.

At Gerard McCabe, we offer an experience that will remain with you as long as your very special piece of jewellery.

Adelaide Arcade, Adelaide
Rundle Mall Plaza, Adelaide

Diamond Jewellery Specialists

You deserve an exceptional piece of jewellery and an unforgettable experience. Discover the Gerard McCabe passion for excellence, quality and customer service. Our unique designs are both beautiful and manufactured to last.
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No two diamonds alike. Echunga is an exclusive collection of jewellery inspired by the mystery and folklore of the rare Echunga diamonds.


Colour Your World with a collection inspired by rainbows, wild flowers and exotic butterflies.

Linea Rings

Gerard McCabe Linea Rings are made to be together, just like you. Every engagement ring design is created with matching wedding ring and anniversary ring options that fit perfectly.