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Rhodium Plating

What is rhodium plating?

Rhodium plating is a process that gives white gold jewellery an ultra white, reflective finish. As white gold is made from 24ct gold, it naturally has a yellowish/grey tint. Rhodium plating coats the white gold surface to give the bright finish you see when you first purchase a brand new white gold piece of jewellery.



Rhodium FAQ

Why should I get my jewellery rhodium plated?

Not only does a rhodium coated piece of jewellery look as bright and as sparkling as the day it was purchased, it also provides protection against the softer gold underneath from getting scratched and damaged.

When should I avoid wearing my rhodium plated white gold jewellery?

We advise you to remove all white gold jewellery during the following activities: gym, contact sports, chlorinated swimming pools and spas, household chores or any activity that would lead to increased surface wear and/or exposure to harsh chemicals. We recommend yearly checkups in our boutiques to check the rhodium wear of your jewellery. Our experienced staff will be able to assess the condition of your jewellery and determine whether replating is required.

Will rhodium plating damage my diamonds or gemstones?

No. Rhodium plating is applied by running a current through the metal to bond the coating onto the gold. As diamonds and gemstones do not conduct electricity, this treatment is safe to use on your existing white gold jewellery.

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About the service

How long does it take to get my jewellery rhodium plated?

Once you drop your jewellery into our boutiques, our trained staff will assess your items and check them for wear and tear. Each rhodium job is assessed on a case-by-case basis, and a turnaround time will be advised at the time of quoting. If you have a special event coming up we recommend allowing 2 weeks for collection.

How much does it cost to get my jewellery rhodium plated?

The current cost to rhodium plate a white gold ring starts from $185 and for a 2-tone ring (rings containing a mix of gold colours) pricing starts from $225. Our master jewellers will double coat your white gold ring with the most careful attention. Please note that Gerard McCabe jewellers reserves the right to quote on more complex rings and other jewellery types on a case by case basis.

Is rhodium plated jewellery safe to wear?

Rhodium plating is hypoallergenic and provides a layer of protection between skin and metal, so it is suitable for sensitive skin types.

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