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Remarkable Rocks

Unique and Rare.

Representing the very best in rare jewels and South Australian design, this exclusive collection of important jewels consists entirely of one-off pieces, ensuring your jewellery is as unique as you.

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Kilimanjaro Pendant

A Tanzanite and Diamond dream

Deepest blue, deep from the Earth. An homage to the union between land and sky, the bold and the blue, under a crown of sparkling cloud, Kilimanjaro showcases the essence and rarity of tanzanite gemstones.

A symbol of vitality, intuition, and new beginnings, our tanzanite jewellery is crafted for the adventurous soul.

It’s so inspiring to bring the mountain into these pieces of jewellery…it feels like you’re wearing a piece of the world.” – Design Director, Nazanin Mohammad Khani.

This pendant, featuring a 15.61ct, trillion cut, deep blue tanzanite, is accented by a glorious diamond halo. Discover the snow-capped likeness of Mt Kilimanjaro depicted on the side of the pendant in gold and diamonds.

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Lorikeet Opal and Gemstone Ring

Imbued with magic.

Crafted in an ode to the enchanting wildlife of Australia, this ring depicts one of our most loved native birds: the Rainbow Lorikeet.

Featuring one mesmerising 7.95ct Lightning Ridge opal, with a red, orange, green, and blue spectral exchange, our Lorikeet ring celebrates a playful and captivating disposition. The design, a sibling to our iconic Lorikeet pendant, captures the essence of the spirited Lorikeet at play, with coloured gems trailing down the ring’s shoulders, framed by feathery gold embellishments. 

Set in 18ct white and yellow gold, this one of a kind opal is accented by 2 emeralds, 5 garnets, 11 spinels, 20 coloured sapphires, and 102 diamonds. Showcasing a phenomenal 141 gemstones, the Lorikeet ring is our most intricate and eclectic design yet!

An expression of joy, laughter, and beauty of life, this wearable piece of art has been designed in South Australia and is one of Gerard McCabe Remarkable Rocks. 

Award winning design: The hand drawn and painted sketch, by Design Director Nazanin Mohammedkhani, won 1st place in the Sketch Category of the 2023 Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) Jewellery Design Awards.

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Lorikeet Opal Pendant

A rainbow confection.

Opals are imbued with the magic of vibrant colour, which reaches into your soul and reflects the beauty of the world around us. The Gerard McCabe Lorikeet necklace features a remarkable 5.69ct Lightning Ridge opal with an exceptionally bright play of colours, showcasing the full spectrum of the rainbow in all its glory. 

A wearable piece of art; an expression of joy, laughter, and the beauty of life, this pendant comes with a matching chain and has been designed in South Australia for the Gerard McCabe Remarkable Rocks collection.

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Amore Yellow Diamond Ring

A yellow love story.

One of Gerard McCabe’s most magnificent designs: the Amore yellow diamond ring. Featuring a 1.21ct radiant cut Fancy Vivid yellow diamond, this design is as beautiful as it is rare – only 6% of natural yellow diamonds are awarded the highest colour grading of “Fancy Vivid”.

Turn the ring to one side and witness upstretched arms, through the power of love, raising the centre diamond. Told through the magnificence of natural coloured diamonds, the Amore design speaks to the perfect love story.

This is a one-of-a-kind ring, designed in Adelaide, for Gerard McCabe’s Remarkable Rocks collection.

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Eagle Pink and White Diamond Ring

Inspired by the majestic Australian eagle.

Gerard McCabe’s Eagle collection takes inspiration from the spirit of the majestic Australian Eagle, its cultural symbolism, and grand presence. The eagle is lifted by love, as told in the famous poem by Hafiz:

I once asked a bird, “How is it that you fly in this gravity of darkness?”

She responded, “Love lifts me.”

Representing the essence of the Eagle in every detail, each piece gestures to the elegance and grandeur of these impressive birds. In this ring, the Eagle’s wings in flight can be seen in the curved gold setting, and in the upswept details of the ring’s shoulders. This ring features a 1.50ct oval cut D colour diamond, accented by a matched set of Argyle certified pink diamonds on an 18ct rose and white gold setting.

The Eagle collection is designed to inspire the wearer to take flight, soar above and be courageous.

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Amore Diamond Ring

Love reaches new heights with this pink diamond ring.

Love. It’s a powerful experience in any language. The Amore pink diamond ring draws upon the idea that love, through support, and touch, has the power to transform all those it connects.

The ring’s pear-shaped cluster is elevated through love, supported by the golden bodies in the ring’s band. The many angles and layers in the cluster represent the individuals who are lifted by love, or perhaps the many facets that define our individuality. Through love they soar to new heights, radiating through the power of touch.

Embrace yourself, embrace your family, embrace your lover, and discover the passion unearthed by the power of love. This ring is designed in Adelaide, Australia, and is a one-of-a-kind ring, featuring an impressive fancy intense purplish-pink diamond.

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Arnia Aquamarine Ring

Take flight and soar.

Arnia: as strong as an eagle. The Arnia design invokes these empowering qualities and invites you to make them your own. Witness impressive natural gemstones, lifted high and proudly adorned by a sea of diamonds. Discover the outstretched wings of the eagle, a symbol of strength and power, depicted in the underside of this ring, while soft feathery shapes accent the sides of the ring.

The impressive beauty of this natural aquamarine gemstone is on full display in this ring. Bright with a pale blue/green colour, the Arnia ring is truly reminiscent of the calm ocean waves from which it draws its name, impressive not only in colour, but in size – weighing 8.47ct.

Designed in Adelaide, South Australia.

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Arnia Sapphire Ring

Take flight and soar.

Take flight and soar with Arnia by Gerard McCabe. In the Arnia design, an impressive natural gemstone is lifted high and proudly adorned by a sea of diamonds. Discover the outstretched wings of the eagle, a symbol of strength and power, depicted in the setting of this ring, while soft feathery shapes accent the sides of the ring.

The Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle is known to soar effortlessly and for extended periods. Majestic and graceful, they demonstrate a fearless strength when they hunt, and a daring passion when they choose their mate for life.

The impressive beauty of this rare 8.61ct Ceylon sapphire is on full display in this design. The natural sapphire has a deep, royal blue colour with a slight purple hue – a regal and striking gem.

Designed in Adelaide, South Australia.

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