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Pearl Gemstones

The ocean's treasure

The gemstone no jewellery-box is complete without, pearls are a glistening and mysterious symbol of love and youthful elegance.

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Delicate and ethereal

Marvelled by ancient civilisation, pearls have a mysterious and ethereal presence born from the deep blue. In our Atlantis collection, these Delphic gems are showcased in delicate designs that dance in the light. These pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings can be worn together in a seamless suite, or individually for a pared-back look.

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Caring for Pearls

The composition of natural and created pearls means that maintenance should never be neglected. If you’re keen to keep your pearls lustrous and glistening, here are our top tips for keeping your pearls in perfect condition:

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Nature's Indulgence

The Gerard McCabe Luminosity collection is a testament to the allure of pearls. Featuring hand-selected South Sea and Tahitian pearls in timeless designs, this collection offers variety and elegance.

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Antique & Vintage Pearls

Jewels with a story to tell.

Browse our curated collection of unique Antique and Vintage pearl jewellery. Victorian jewellers often used small seed pearls in their ornate designs. Larger pearls can be seen accented by diamonds or in luxurious strands.

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South Sea Pearls

Known for their impressive size, white South Sea pearls range from 9 to 18mm in diameter. They are cultivated from the large Pinctada Maxima oysters found in Australia and Indonesia’s northwestern and northern coasts, making them a true Australasian coastal treasure. While smaller, South Sea pearls can also be found in more golden tones, such as those found near the tropical waters of the Philippines and Myanmar.

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Tahitian Pearls

Tahiti, the most famous island in French Polynesia, is a major exporter of Tahitian pearls. These pearls are dark in colour due to the oyster species to which they belong, the Pinctada Margaritifera. Found in the waters of French Polynesia, Cook Island, Marshall Island, the Solomon Islands, and others in the South Pacific, these pearls are usually between 7 and 12mm in diameter – any larger, and you’ve got something truly rare!

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Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls, as the name suggests, aren’t found in the sea, but are cultivated in ponds, lakes, and rivers. Since the 80s, Hyriopsis Cumingii has been the species of mussel to produce the most smooth-bodied freshwater pearls, ranging from 2 to 12mm in size.

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Akoya Pearls

Famous for their perfectly round shape, Akoya pearls belong to the small Pinctada Fucata oyster found off the shores of Japan. Akoya pearls are usually between 2 and 10mm in size, and are adored for their lustre, smooth complexion, and versatility.

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