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As the Senior Jewellery Designer for Gerard McCabe, Nazanin’s creative influence can be felt in every piece of Gerard McCabe jewellery.

With a sophisticated, luxurious style, Nazanin helps Gerard McCabe to create jewellery that you instantly connect with. 

How Nazanin Helps You

After completing a Masters in Industrial Design and earning 5 different certificates in jewellery making, Nazanin helps Gerard McCabe to give you truly masterful Adelaide jewellery creations. 

She is completely devoted to transforming ideas into beautiful realities, using her expertise and knowledge to work alongside Gerard. Together, they fill our Gerard McCabe boutiques with designs that we can be truly proud of, items that you can fall in love with and cherish eternally.

I love my work at Gerard McCabe. It’s challenging which makes me work hard, but Gerard always allows me the time to make my designs unique and perfect.

Gerard McCabe Adelaide Jewellery


What training or certifications do you have?

Nazanin has a Masters in industrial design  which helps her recognise and analyse problems and solve the problems. Nazanin also has five individual certificates in jewellery making, cut and carve stone, enamel, jewellery design, set stone.


Favourite Gemstone

For Nazanin, it’s impossible to choose a favourite item from the Gerard McCabe range. 

My designs are my children; all of them are my favourite.

Gerard McCabe Coloured Diamonds

However, the varying spectrum of coloured diamonds is a feature that really speaks to Nazanin. Elegant, unique and richly hued, she champions these brilliant stones with her creative designs, allowing the magic of the diamonds to shine.  

Most Memorable Moment in Store 

Nazanin holds every moment at Gerard McCabe to heart. Yet, nothing is more special to her than the creation of a new Gerard McCabe piece. From dreaming it up and putting it to paper to seeing it in the window of one of our Adelaide jewellery boutiques, Nazanin loves every second.

Gerard McCabe Adelaide Jewellery

It gives me the ultimate happiness when I hear back that a client says they love something I have designed.

At Gerard McCabe, our artistic, one-of-a-kind jewellery designs are what makes us one of Adelaide’s leading jewellers. If you would like to explore our vast range of rings, necklaces, earrings and other stunning jewellery items, you can do so here.

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