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Halo Style Engagement Rings

What is a Halo style engagement ring?

The Halo engagement ring design is named for the small accent ‘halo’ gemstones surrounding a larger centre gemstone. Our Aura Collection features the Halo style setting where sparkling premium diamonds are set closely together, encircling the feature diamond or coloured gemstone.

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History of the Halo

Capturing hearts for generations

The Halo design has been capturing the hearts of brides for generations, rising to popularity during the Art Deco era, over 100 years ago during the 1920’s-30’s. The small gemstones surrounding the centre stone were set Pavé style, with the small beads holding the stones intruding as little as possible on the design, maximizing the overall sparkle of the setting. The result was a look both classic and elegant with the benefit of giving an illusion of a larger central stone.

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The glamour of vintage design with a modern appeal.

Aura engagement rings are designed to showcase the maximum scintillation of sparkling diamonds and gemstones, for the most impact when wearing on your finger. We specially choose only the best quality gemstones to sit beside each other and enhance the central stone – the light reflected from the Halo will provide the illusion of the central stone being much bigger than its actual size.

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Aura Eternity rings and wedding bands

The size and sparkle of an Aura design can be enhanced by choosing matching Wedding and Eternity rings. Designed to sit next to our Aura engagement rings, the proportion and quality of our matching rings will effortlessly add sparkle while keeping the central Aura stone as the focal point. The set together is a masterpiece that can be cherished for generations.

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