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Rhodium plating is used on jewellery to create a surface that will resist scratches and tarnish, as well as provide a white, reflective appearance. It is used on white gold, which is an alloy of gold and white coloured metal and naturally is a dull grey colour prior to being plated.

Rhodium itself is a precious metal, a member of the platinum family. Applying a very thin layer of rhodium electroplating to jewellery helps to make it shine, as well as improve the durability of the piece.



You need not worry. Here at Gerard McCabe we have been jewellers for 4 generations, and before that we were tailors, so we know the importance of getting that perfect fit. Rest assured that as you’re swept up in the romance and anticipation of planning your proposal, you can always bring your ring back into Gerard McCabe to have it resized to fit your loved one after they have said “Yes.”

It’s understandable if your new fiance does not want to be apart from their new beautiful ring, which is why we ensure that resizing services return the ring, perfectly fitted to their finger, within days without any alteration to the sparkling diamonds and gemstones.


For those who like to do their research, our free downloadable Ring Sizing Chart may help you narrow down the size of the ring you’re looking for. Gerard McCabe are experts in engagement jewellery and can assist you to find the perfect style of ring for your loved one’s hand from amongst our beautiful collections.

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Gerard McCabe Jewellers are diamond experts, based in Adelaide. We specialise in engagement ring jewellery design. Including diamond rings, cluster engagement rings and classic engagement rings.

Pop into one of our jewellery stores in Adelaide Arcade or Rundle Mall for a personal consultation.