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Gerard McCabe's Strict Diamond Standards

When you find the diamond jewellery of your dreams, you should be able to cherish it for a lifetime. Your selection needs to have a quality and craftsmanship that’s second to none, giving you pride and pleasure every time you wear it.


Diamond selection at Gerard McCabe starts with assessing the cut of the gemstone as this has the most influence on its performance. That is the intense sparkle that you want from your diamond. We look for diamonds that offer the very best performance, and each is individually selected for brilliance, fire and scintillation.

By having these impeccable diamond standards, our diamonds are typically within the top 15% of cut grading scales, with a triple excellent rating preferred. We work directly with the cutters ensuring our standards are met so that we can give you a diamond that is nothing short of exquisite.

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The diamond colour grading is a measure of the colour, or the absence of colour, in the diamond. In this regard, the more colourless a diamond is, the more beautiful and valuable it is. Diamonds are measured on a scale from D (colourless) to Z (tinted yellow).

In order to create truly special Adelaide diamond jewellery, we hand select only premium quality diamonds for all of our bridal rings and ensure that we always have a selection of D colour diamonds on offer. We also offer a range of gorgeous natural coloured diamonds in our Echunga Collection.

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When it comes to diamonds, the clarity of the stone is incredibly important to the overall appearance and value of the ring. Diamond clarity grading is a measure of the prominence of inclusions within the gem and of external blemishes. Diamonds are natural gems, and so most will have some form of inclusion. This is what makes them unique, each as individual as the person who wears it. We like to think of inclusions as birthmarks in the diamonds.

Diamonds with minimal inclusions will be graded a higher clarity rating. To pass our clarity standards, our Adelaide diamonds must have minimal inclusions or the inclusions must be positioned so as not to impact on the visual beauty of the gem.

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A carat is a measurement of diamond weight. A metric carat is defined as 200 milligrams, and can be subdivided into 100 points. More often than not, the price of the diamond will increase with the carat size.

The Gerard McCabe Engagement Ring collection contains designs from 0.30 carat size up to 3 carats. So you will be able to find your perfect ring design in your preferred diamond size.


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When purchasing a diamond, it is essential that you receive the proper certificates to ensure that your selection is authentic. All Gerard McCabe diamonds that are 0.30ct and larger come with a Gerard McCabe diamond certificate and card.

The diamond is also laser-inscribed with the Gerard McCabe logo and its unique diamond stock number, which is then linked to you, the purchaser. This is unlike any independent diamond certificate, offering peace of mind for you that we will always be able to track your diamond back to you. We also offer independent certification on our diamonds when required.


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We understand that the selection of a ring, watch or piece of jewellery is more than a simple purchase.

Our jewellery boutiques are designed with sit-down areas where you are encouraged to relax, enjoy a beverage, and real ‘one on one’ service. A Gerard McCabe Sales Professional will take the time to understand all of your requirements and ensure every one of your questions is answered.

At Gerard McCabe, we offer an experience that will remain with you as long as your very special piece of jewellery.

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You deserve an exceptional piece of jewellery and an unforgettable experience. Discover the Gerard McCabe passion for excellence, quality and customer service. Our unique designs are both beautiful and manufactured to last.
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No two diamonds alike. Echunga is an exclusive collection of jewellery inspired by the mystery and folklore of the rare Echunga diamonds.


Colour Your World with a collection inspired by rainbows, wild flowers and exotic butterflies.

Linea Rings

Gerard McCabe Linea Rings are made to be together, just like you. Every engagement ring design is created with matching wedding ring and anniversary ring options that fit perfectly.