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A ring for life


We understand just how meaningful the purchase of a Gerard McCabe men's or classic plain ladies wedding ring is. Whether you choose it as your wedding ring or just because it is a ring you love, you choose for life.

As the leading brand in gentlemen’s rings, our goal is to ensure your choice is made in complete confidence, knowing the style and design are of the greatest detail and the make of the highest quality.

Our Gerard McCabe Satisfaction Guarantee offers a 3-tier product guarantee to solidify our guarantee of quality. Ensuring complete confidence in your selection, as we confirm our commitment to stand by you for life. The satisfaction guarantee is complimentary, all you need to do is register your purchase.

To confirm your guarantee and validate your warranty, you must register your ring with us online within 90 days of the date of purchase. Register your purchase here.


What is the Gerard McCabe Satisfaction Guarantee?

Our exclusive Gerard McCabe Satisfaction Guarantee gives you the option to replace your Gerard McCabe Wedding Ring if your ring no longer fits, if you have a change of heart, or if there are ever any manufacturer defects. There are three elements: the Fit for Life Guarantee, the Change of Heart Policy and the Manufacturer's Warranty. Discover more details below:

Fit for Life Guarantee

The Fit for Life Guarantee gives you the option to exchange your ring if the shape of your finger changes and the ring is no longer the perfect fit. Gerard McCabe will happily replace the ring no sooner than five months after the purchase date with a brand new ring of the same design and metal, at no cost. Click here for terms and conditions. 

Change of Heart Policy

The Change of Heart Policy covers you for a change of heart should you have one at any time within the first two years of purchase. If you change your mind, we will happily exchange your ring for any style of your choice to the same or lesser value, for a small one time fee. Click here for terms and conditions.

Manufacturer's Warranty

Your Gerard McCabe Ring is also bound by the lifetime manufacturer's warranty, certifying that every single piece is of the highest quality. If there are ever any manufacturer's defects, we will replace the ring for you. Click here for terms and conditions. 

Register Now

To register for the Gerard McCabe Satisfaction Guarantee, you must read and agree to the terms and conditions of the policy. Please select here to view our complete Gerard McCabe Satisfaction Guarantee Terms & Conditions.




We understand that the selection of a ring, watch or piece of jewellery is more than a simple purchase.

Our jewellery boutiques are designed with sit-down areas where you are encouraged to relax, enjoy a beverage, and real ‘one on one’ service. A Gerard McCabe Sales Professional will take the time to understand all of your requirements and ensure every one of your questions is answered.

At Gerard McCabe, we offer an experience that will remain with you as long as your very special piece of jewellery.

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Diamond Jewellery Specialists

You deserve an exceptional piece of jewellery and an unforgettable experience. Discover the Gerard McCabe passion for excellence, quality and customer service. Our unique designs are both beautiful and manufactured to last.
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