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From the moment you are engaged, you and your partner’s ring collection will begin to grow. From engaged to married and with anniversaries and eternity rings to follow, it’s important that you have jewellery selections that complement each piece's style and shape.

At Gerard McCabe, our Adelaide jewellery specialists have designed our range of stunning rings with this in mind. As such, we have you covered with a variety of choices bound to suit your preferences, lifestyle and other jewellery.

Gerard McCabe’s bridal sets are specially designed to fit and sit perfectly together on the finger, so when it comes time to select rings, the choice is that much simpler.   

At Gerard McCabe, we have rings that that perfectly match as well as ones that have a complementary match. They are specifically designed in a way in which the rings’ style will match and sit together. Usually crafted with the same metal, stones, and sometimes with the same feature patterns, each ring complements the other as a personal and unique combination, serving to enhance the beauty of each piece while still fitting perfectly together.  

Gerard McCabe Matching Rose Gold Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

At Gerard McCabe, we have bridal sets that deliver a perfect match. This engagement and wedding ring from our Trinity Collection not only has a matching metal colour, but the pattern that adorns it is identical as well.

By keeping the colour scheme and pattern the same, the rings can be worn together or separately on both hands without fear of clash or mismatch.

Gerard McCabe Matching Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

By designing our range of Australian rings to fit together, you can be assured that future purchases will perfectly complement one another. Anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions - Gerard McCabe will help you to ensure that they come together to form a stunning arrangement that can be cherished forever.

At Gerard McCabe, we love helping people to discover everlasting mementoes of the most special times in their lives. Through masterful craftsmanship and attention to every detail, Gerard McCabe can help showcase your love, memories and friendships.

Would you like to explore our range of rings? If so, visit us in-store at our Adelaide diamond boutiques or browse our online collection today.

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Gerard McCabe Jewellers are diamond experts, based in Adelaide. We specialise in engagement ring jewellery design. Including diamond rings, cluster engagement rings and classic engagement rings.

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