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Gerard McCabe

Owner and Managing Director of our Adelaide boutiques, Gerard McCabe is dedicated to providing enchanting, masterfully crafted jewels that can be treasured eternally.

His grandfather and father jewellers themselves, Gerard has been in the industry his whole life. After working with his father and then for another successful Adelaide jeweller, Gerard opened Gerard McCabe Jewellers in 1986 with his wife Pauline. Using his expert knowledge and experience as a Gemologist, Diamond Technologist and Jewellery Valuer, Gerard presents you with stunning jewellery items that are second to none.

How Gerard Helps You

Gerard McCabe is a master in his trade. With extensive experience and a keen design eye, he transforms each gem and stone into an everlasting work of art.

As Managing Director, Gerard ensures that your experience with our Adelaide jewellery boutiques is superb. He is a respected leader, and guides our staff members to deliver the best service to you, our client.

Gerard firmly believes in taking the time to get to know you, your style and your desires. He advocates for all Gerard McCabe staff to build a relationship with you, taking you on a journey towards your dream jewellery selection.

At Gerard McCabe, we go on the full journey with our clients. We are a part of their most intimate moments, which is a magical thing.

Favourite Collection

As the Managing Director and owner of Gerard McCabe Jewellers, Gerard plays a vital role in every jewellery creation and collection.

For Gerard, the awe-inspiring, natural beauty of coloured diamonds is one that’s difficult to match. Therefore, the rarity and spectacular nature of the Echunga Collection is one of his personal favourites.

At Gerard McCabe, we like to create jewellery that tells a story.

A collection like no other, Echunga diamonds are rare and surrounded in mystery. Found in the picturesque Adelaide Hills during the late 1800’s, the true source of these dazzling stones is yet to be uncovered. Inspired by the mystery of these original diamonds, our Echunga Collection features coloured diamonds, each diamond different from the last, bringing with it a unique appeal.


Most Memorable Moment in Store

As the father of our Adelaide jewellery boutiques, Gerard McCabe naturally has a great many memories from within our stores.

Over his 30 years with Gerard McCabe Jewellers, Gerard has been a part of countless love stories - something that he is grateful for every day. But, when faced with the sheer amount of these beautiful moments, it makes for one fantastically unforgettable memory.

In one of the old Gerard McCabe boutiques, Gerard started a tradition of celebration for each and every happy couple that came through the door.

They would enjoy the moment together, topping the moment off with some heavenly champagne. But, for the magical cherry atop the Sunday, he would write their initials the cork, getting the happy couple to fire the cork off with a loud “POP!” over the mezzanine ceiling.

Years later when it came time to renovate the boutique, they removed the mezzanine. And as they did, hundreds and hundreds of initialled corks fell from the sky. They were showered with them, each a small token of a couple’s happily ever after.

During his time, Gerard McCabe has helped many people to find exquisite jewellery that’s a perfect fit for their needs. Be it a gift, a treat for themselves or a beautiful Adelaide engagement ring, Gerard’s stunning pieces have been a part of countless stories of happiness, family and love.

Gerard's advice when purchasing a Diamond Engagement Ring?

Remember to consider the wedding ring and future anniversary ring when choosing a design. You never have to apologise for good quality diamonds.

Advice for anyone looking to propose?

Be brave, be honest, never stop giving!

Would you like to explore the vast array of Adelaide jewellery selections from Gerard McCabe Jewellers? If so, explore our online collection, or pay us a visit in store. 


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