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A Proud Family Heritage


Gerard McCabe has a proud family heritage of jewellers that stretches back generations. 

From our humble beginnings in 1878 as McCabe Tailors through to today, we have strong familial and location ties within Adelaide. Our history is a valuable tool which we wield.

It provides our customers’ with a palpable sense of trust and faith. By long association, we know not only our trade but our customers and our beautiful city down to the bones. This can only ensure the best service and the most careful attention and expertise. Directed at you, our customer.

Frank_facade.jpegOrigins- Frank McCabe Store

Four Generations

At the current helm of Gerard McCabe Jewellers is our namesake and patriarch, Gerard. Starting out in the footsteps of his grandfather, Frank and father, Patrick, Gerard with his wife Pauline created the business on April 1st, 1986.

Initially, the business was based in the Edments building, on the corner of Gawler Place and Rundle Mall. In this time we did a roaring trade in second hand, antique jewellery and manufacturing rings. At the same time, we also provided a trade valuation service to over 30 jewellery stores.

In his ‘retirement’ Gerard’s father, Pat was a great help doing most of the valuation work. While Gerard concentrated on making sales, Pauline was responsible for the bookwork. Truly, from its earliest beginnings, Gerard McCabe Jewellers was a family run operation.


A New Era

In 1989, the business moved to Adelaide Arcade. This was when we started to expand operations in earnest. In 1993, the store expanded into space next door and a legacy was born.

By 1996, Gerard and Pauline celebrated the ten year anniversary of the business. To celebrate, the adjacent upstairs room in Adelaide Arcade was leased. Converted into a workshop, this was to help fulfil a long term ambition of Gerard. Eager to initiate designing and making jewellery of our design, the sky was the limit.

Additionally, in 1999, the store was refurbished to take on a striking Bond Street look. This ensured that Gerard McCabe Jewellers was one of Adelaide’s premier jewellers.


Millennial Moves

In 2002, a second store trading as Gerard McCabe Concepts opened in Rundle Mall Plaza. As business took off, the younger members of the McCabe clan began to become involved in the business. As the business evolved, so too did the family owned and operated aspect.

The 1st of April 2006, marked the 20th anniversary of Gerard McCabe Jewellers. On this auspicious day, the company’s head office moved from above the Adelaide Arcade store to a spacious office located at 55 Gawler Place. This represented a monumental achievement for the business and a personal milestone for Gerard. Finally, his desire for a boardroom was granted!  

In 2009, Gerard McCabe took over their neighbour, Tiffany’s Cafe, and moved into the Grenfell Street corner position of Adelaide Arcade. The lease began on April 1st, a significant date.


The Next 30 Years

April 1st has always been a date of special significance for Gerard, the business and his family. This date seems to have some sort of special magnetic pull, as many of the significant events in Gerard’s business life seem to occur on it. Gerard began his business in 1986 on the 1st of April. The business moved to its current head office location on April 1st, 2006. Finally, the lease for Gerard’s relocated Adelaide Arcade store commenced April 1st, 2009.

With this in mind, it is with great joy that we can reveal that Friday, 1st of April 2016, is Gerard McCabe Jewellers official 30th birthday. Again, that date is auspicious and highly significant for us. We are planning a large celebration later in the year, but know that we will be raising a toast to the past 30 years and cheering for the next 30 to come.

For we are a family run business. As our fourth generation is now working together, we can only hope to continue this proud tradition. Currently involved are Jessica, our Marketing Manager, Justin, the Adelaide Arcade Manager and Area Manager and Daniel, in a sales role in Adelaide Arcade. Lauren helps out with marketing from time to time as well. Additionally, we treat every member of staff as a part of our own family- something which they attest to themselves!

Tennis-04---Cliff--Group-f.gifCharity Tennis Match- Gerard McCabe friends and family with Cliff Richard

Customer Impact

What does this multi-generation family run business mean for you, our customer? Essentially, we draw on a wealth of experience, knowledge and learning. We constantly strive to make improvements based on your feedback and experience. We truly care, because it is our name, our family and our honour at stake. Without exception, we aim to please, delight and enthral. Our staff are continually trained to our own exacting standards. We ensure that anyone who walks into our stores feel welcomed and comfortable. Just as we would to one of our own.

It’s this commitment to your happiness and our ambitions of excellence that are at the heart. Your journey, happiness and future are what matters most.

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Book an Engagement Ring Consultation  Adelaide Arcade Boutique

Gerard McCabe Jewellers are the Adelaide diamond experts. We specialise in engagement ring jewellery design. Including diamond rings, cluster engagement rings and classic engagement rings.

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