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Ethical Policy

Diamond Certification and Supply Chain.


All Gerard McCabe diamonds that are 0.30ct and larger come with a Gerard McCabe certificate and card. A Gerard McCabe diamond certificate ensures the following lifetime guarantee – The 4Cs of the diamond. This refers to our diamonds’ cut, colour, clarity and carat. All our diamonds are assessed against our strict standards.

The diamond is also laser-inscribed with the Gerard McCabe logo and its unique diamond stock number, which is then linked to you, the purchaser. This is unlike any independent diamond certificate, offering peace of mind for you that we will always be able to track your diamond back to you. We also offer independent certification on our diamonds when required.

Each diamond’s girdle is laser inscribed with its unique identifying Gerard McCabe certificate number along with our logo. This number is given to you with your Gerard McCabe certificate and recorded in our database. This means that each diamond is able to be uniquely tracked back to the purchaser should the need arise.

In addition to the Gerard McCabe certificate and when independent certification is an important factor for your diamond purchase, we offer a selection of diamonds certified by the most respected diamond grading laboratory in the world, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Diamonds that are certified by the GIA can be verified on their website, and the GIA certification number can be found laser inscribed on the girdle of the diamond.

For customers whom the provenance of their diamond is paramount, we offer you a selection of diamonds which are mined in Canada and come with a Canada Mark Diamond Card. This card offers absolute proof of Canadian origin; it also states the rough (birth) weight and the finished weight of the gem. These diamonds have a unique identifying number which can be verified on the Canada Mark website and this number is laser inscribed on the girdle of the diamond.

Supply chain

At Gerard McCabe, we believe that a diamond’s beauty should never be marred by its history. As such, we only use ethically sourced diamonds in our jewellery. By purchasing our diamonds directly from the sightholder and following the guidelines of the Kimberley Process in the selection of our diamonds, we ensure that our diamonds are from the conflict-free mines of Canada and Africa.

Additionally, all of our diamonds come with their known rough (birth) weights on their Gerard McCabe diamond certificate card.

The Kimberley Process (KP) is a commitment to remove conflict diamonds from the global supply chain. The core of this regime is the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) under which States implement safeguards on shipments of rough diamonds and certify them as “conflict free”. The Kimberley Process (KP) defines conflict diamonds as: ‘rough diamonds used to finance wars against governments’ – around the world.

Under the terms of the KPCS participants must:

  • Satisfy ‘minimum requirements’ and establish national legislation, institutions and import/export controls
  • Commit to transparent practices and to the exchange of critical statistical data
  • Trade only with fellow members who also satisfy the fundamentals of the agreement
  • Certify shipments as conflict-free and provide the supporting certification

Today, participants actively prevent 99.8% of the worldwide trade.