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Engagement Ring Settings

Halo, Solitaire, Trilogy and More.

An engagement ring is one of the most important and special pieces of jewellery you’ll ever wear. With so many setting types and shapes to choose from, you will find an engagement ring that symbolizes your love perfectly.

Halo Design

The glamour of vintage design with a modern appeal.

The Aura design

Love the sparkle.

Our Aura engagement rings are designed to showcase the maximum scintillation of sparkling diamonds and gemstones, for the most impact when wearing on your finger. We specially choose only the best quality gemstones to sit beside each other and enhance the central stone – the light reflected from the Halo will provide the illusion of the central stone being much bigger than its actual size.

We have refined our Halo design over the past 35 years to perfectly balance the setting elements with the gemstone. This has resulted in a look that we believe appears more delicate and sparkling, without compromising the integrity of the setting.

Discover Aura

Discover the Aura Collection

Our most loved halo designs

Meet Freya

Introducing our newest design
The Freya Twist Solitaire Ring
Freya Engagement Design

Solitaire Design

Classic and elegant, oozing sophistication.

Iconic Design

Our bestselling ring is a testament to our design philosophy

talking about the solitaire design, why its so special, how we have honed the look over the years. why its our bestselling style over the years. maybe feature a hero image of the classic on white in 3/4 top view? or as a stack?

The choice is yours

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Multi Stone Design

Clusters and trilogy rings make a stylish statement