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Bloom diamond jewellery, with its delicate heart-shaped accents, is a beautiful symbol of love and friendship. It is the perfect way to mark a special occasion or indulge in a spontaneous celebration of love. Each diamond is held by the heart shape claws. This jewellery will tell a story of the unbreakable bond between your two hearts; the giver and the receiver.


Bloom jewellery is designed to achieve a maximum sparkle from the brilliant cut diamonds in each earring, pendant and ring. The design is a cluster jewellery style with a difference. Bloom diamond cluster jewellery is designed to minimise the visible gold clasping the diamonds. The result? The diamonds are unobstructed, more light is able to pass into the gem and achieve the perfect sparkle.


Our passion for excellence in diamonds is boundless. We adhere to strict standards when selecting diamonds for our jewellery collections. The Bloom Diamond Collection uses premium diamonds with a grading of G colour and SI clarity. These precious white and bright diamonds are key to the impressive sparkle of these earring, pendant and ring designs.


Gerard McCabe jewellery is presented in our impressive black jewellery boxes. Opening to two separate pieces, the box allows your gift to be observed and appreciated before the wearer removes it from the box. Each Gerard McCabe jewellery box comes with a white gift wrapping box as standard. This simple design allows you to open and rewrap the gift with ease before you present it to your intended.

Linea Rings

Gerard McCabe Linea Rings are made to be together, just like you. Every engagement ring design is created with matching wedding ring and anniversary ring options that fit perfectly.

Engagement Rings

If it’s for your romantic wedding proposal ring choice, Gerard McCabe Jewellers venture with you on your journey for the perfect ring.


Gerard McCabe Timepieces have been crafted for sophisticated style and quality.