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Gerard McCabe was born with a passion for great design and timeless jewellery. As a discerning collector, this ever growing collection of antique jewellery is one of the best in Australia and features stunning pieces, each with a story to tell. We offer spectacular jewellery from the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco periods and more. The collection is always changing.

THE GEORGIAN ERA (1714 – 1837)

Georgian era jewellery is mostly handmade and very rare. Often featuring nature inspired designs such as leaves and birds, and including precious stones. Memento Mori jewellery was also popular at the time (meaning ”remember you will die”) and it was quite morbid, featuring skull motifs and coffins.

The VICTORIAN ERA (1837 - 1901)

The early Victorians were sentimental folk and this was reflected in their feminine, delicate designs with an emphasis on filigree gold. Key symbols included hearts, flowers, lovebirds, ivy, knots, bows, and snakes. Also popular were REGARD and DEAREST rings with each stone representing a letter from the word. After Prince Albert’s death, not only Queen Victoria but also the whole country went into mourning and this was reflected in the change to more sombre jewellery. Pieces comprising onyx or jet became popular and designs became larger and chunkier.


This was a wonderfully extravagant time during the reign of Edward the 7th. Brooches, necklaces, collars, pendants & earrings were lavishly decorated with gemstones. Diamonds were the essential accessory for the Edwardian lady and were made up into fine delicate pieces to reflect the fashions of lace, silk and feathers.


The Art Deco movement was a time of great strength and direction where jewellery displayed bold contrasting colours and strong definite geometric lines. In the 1920’s Art deco was characterised by vivid colours, formalised floral decoration, spiral motifs and a more precise use of curves, ovals, circles and octagonal panels. By the 1930’s the main idea was to banish all unnecessary ornament. Curves were converted to angles, shapes were streamlined and the primary colours of green, red and blue featured heavily in much of the jewellery.


No two diamonds alike. Echunga is an exclusive collection of jewellery inspired by the mystery and folklore of the rare Echunga diamonds.

Engagement Rings

If it’s for your romantic wedding proposal ring choice, Gerard McCabe Jewellers venture with you on your journey for the perfect ring.


Gerard McCabe Timepieces have been crafted for sophisticated style and quality.