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From pandemic woes to pink diamond luxury

SALA Exhibition August 1 - 14 in Adelaide Arcade

Gerard McCabe Presents a very special exhibition as part of the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) festival.

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Gerard McCabe Designer Nazanin Mohammadkhani painted the raw and dark emotions she, and all of us were feeling. That sparked the idea that what we all needed was to touch, embrace, and hold one another again. Touch would lift us out of the darkness. This idea evolved into a sublime jewellery design based on the power of touch, fit for a rare pink diamond.

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Through love we find our light in the darkness

Love. It’s a powerful emotion in any language. The Amore pink diamond ring draws upon the idea that love, through its support, and touch, has the power to transform all those that it connects with.

From one individual experience, the designer’s paintings gave voice, texture and sense to another’s and it became a collective shared experience. This is represented by a beautiful ring of many layers which hallmarks the inner transformation we undergo as we bear a new sense of self, new perspective and a stronger devotion to love.

Together we are lifted by love.

Discover the Amore Ring

Meet the artists

Our talented team featured in our exhibition

Each an accomplished artist in their own right, Nazanin, Claire and Michelle bring their talents to our team each day. Nazanin brings stories to life both with clients on Bespoke Jewellery creations and as a part of the Gerard McCabe Design Team. Michelle and Claire work tirelessly to capture the essence of Gerard McCabe jewellery through photography. Each item presents different technical challenges and is exquisitely captured to showcase their unique play of light, refraction and micro detail.

Exhibition Catalogue

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In 2020 our lives changed, and our minds were thrown into chaos. We lost our ability to touch, smile and connect, our faces were hidden by masks. It wasn’t safe anymore to hug our dearest ones – to touch was to put people in danger.

To survive we need more than just physical health, we need our lost souls to find their way to life. . .

Discover the full catalogue including technical specifications of artworks, some of which are available to purchase. Explore the story of each individual piece and how it relates to the creation of the spectacular Amore Pink Diamond ring.

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