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McCabe Family Heritage

Four generations in the jewellery business.

Gerard McCabe has a proud family heritage of jewellers that stretches back generations. From our humble beginnings in 1878 as McCabe Tailors through to today, we have strong familial and location ties within Adelaide.

By long association, we know not only our trade but our customers and our beautiful city down to the bones. This can only ensure the best service and the most careful attention and expertise.

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Retailers from the start.

Arriving in Australia in 1878 Patrick McCabe was entrepreneurial from the start, opening a Tailor shop in Hindley Street and eventually passing on his skills, work ethic and business acumen to his son Paddy and grandson Frank McCabe. During the Great Depression, Frank began buying & selling sovereigns and eventually turned his Pirie Street Store into a Jewellery Store. Frank’s son Patrick inherited this legacy and the business thrived as an exporter of opals and a retail manufacturing outlet.


Gerard McCabe - The early years.

Starting out in the footsteps of his grandfather, Frank and father, Patrick, Gerard with his wife Pauline created the business on April 1st, 1986. They focused on second hand, antique jewellery, manufacturing rings and provided a trade valuation service to over 30 jewellery stores. From its earliest beginnings, Gerard McCabe Jewellers was a family run operation. After moving into Adelaide Arcade in 1989 the business began to grow.

1997 - 2007

A brand is born.


Spectacular jewellery Design.

During this time the Gerard McCabe Brand evolved to sell it’s own unique collections of Jewellery. These collections reflected the unique history of the brand, and the expertise gained over four generations. In 2010, Gerard McCabe launched their online store, which was quite unique as other high end jewellery stores still focused on printed catalogues.


The Next Generation.

The Brands connection to Adelaide deepens with the development of unique collections of historical significance such as the Echunga Collection. Gerard’s eldest children Jessica and Justin are now more involved in the management of the business. 

Family Business

Hall of Fame Award.

In 2021 Gerard McCabe jewellers were inducted into the Family Business Australia Hall of Fame.

This citation recognises the achievements of families that are managing respected and successful family businesses and pays homage to the significant role they play in our community, society and economy.

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Award-winning jewellery design

Discover the unique designs that have won or placed in Australian and International competitions.